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Our service comes in many forms but predominately it is basic and easy to understand the principals of soil and plant health. We purposely keep things simple and it is more about face to face interaction rather than a lot of paperwork to sort through. We don't do a lot of report writing due to our limited time and we prefer to explain systems via phone calls and face to face meetings

Soil Tests – We prefer to use EAL at Southern Cross University. They give us a comprehensive report which gives us a better picture on the position of your soils.

Recommendations - Our nutrition program may recommend products that you can source form either your local rural store or through Lawry Agribusiness. Your choice.

Company policies – It is the aim of this company to improve the quality of the food produced for human and animal consumption. To improve the health and re-establish the integrity of nature.

We are also active in disseminating information about the principles and practices of Sustainable  and Regenerative Farming. 

In these ways, we attempt to contribute to the health of humankind through activities relating to food and agriculture. 

 Our goal of eliminating chemicals entirely from our food source will increase the health of the planet and all those that reside on it.

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The technology we implement is designed  to empower yourselves and your land with the tools needed for success. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit  your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

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Lawry Agribusiness, PO Box 2837, Toowoomba, 

Queensland 4350, Australia


+61 420 582 820

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